Works by prisoners

As well as accepting book requests, UC Books to Prisoners encourages inmates to submit artwork and material which they would like to have pulblished. We publish one collection per year, containing only a few of the many submissions we receive.

If you would like to receive a free printed copy of the 2006 or 2007 collection by mail, please send us a message including your name, mailing address and which edition you would like.

If you heard my cries

(Spring 2011)

This zine was a project of a 2011 Learning in Community Class at the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. The stories and artwork were selected from submissions by the readers we correspond with by mail.


Captured Words Free Thoughts

(Spring 2007)

Inmate Art, Poetry & Essays featuring the works of Illinois prison inmates and the Poetry Workshop at the Champaign IL County Jail.

This years edition was pulished in conjunction with the second annual Prison Arts Festival, held at the Independent Media Center.

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To the Door

(Spring 2006)

Inmate Art, Poetry & Essays
Featuring inmates who correspond with UC Books to Prisoners.

In April 2006, several hundred color copies of our publication were distributed in our community as well as throughout Illinois prisons.

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Words through Bars

(Spring 2005)

Inmate Art & Poetry, featuring inmates who corresponded with UC Books to Prisoners from our beginnings in 2004 through the Spring of 2005

Several hundred copies of Words through Bars were distributed in our community and in Illinois prisons.